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Current Makeup Combos

For more than half of my makeup wearing life I swore up and down that I had oily skin, so when I bought makeup I stuck to matte, oil-free everything. When I was in high school I would wear makeup but by the time I got home most of the makeup I had on my T-zone was gone, it was truly frustrating. Now that was about 6 years ago, since then I have experimented a bit more with different products.

Up until about 3 years ago I still stuck to anything and everything that promised to keep me oil-free. One weekend when I came home from college and forgot ALL of my makeup there. When I got back to my apartment and realized it I was pretty sad because I had to either by all new everyday makeup or live makeup free for 2-3 weeks which was not going to happen. I went on amazon an purchased some drugstore products I had tried before but when I got to the foundation I had the option of buying dewy and saving 5 bucks, since I wasn’t planning on sticking with those products for long I bought the dewy foundation. To my surprise I loved the finish, it didn’t make me feel super oily and ever since then I try to stick to more dewy makeup. And honestly, I now think I have combinations skin.

Now to what this post is truly about. A couple months ago I purchased the foundations above (Estée Lauder Double Wear and NYX Total Control), both of these foundations were an exact skin color match, after swatching I was in love… up until I actually applied them on to wear for a whole day, they were extremely matte, I did not love how powdery they made my skin look. The Estée Lauder is a lot thicker than NYX but for me both had a similar finish. I was stuck in a dilemma of loving the color but not the finish. I had the Mario Badescu spray for a while and would only apply it morning & night before moisturizer. One day I got curious because it is a hydrating spray I decided to try it along with the foundations. So I put spots of foundation around my face, followed by spraying the facial spray and ending my blending it with a beauty blender and to my surprise I loved the finish. They no longer looked to matte, although they didn’t look dewy the combination was perfect for me and I guess it also helped that I applied Too Faced Hangover Primer.

Honestly this is something that I’ve been doing for about a month and I love it. NYX is my everyday foundation and I stick to Estée Lauder on weekends/special occasions just because it is a little more pricey.

Let me know of any combinations you guys swear by or try this one out and let me know how you feel about it 🙂

XO, Addy

Links for Products Mentioned:

Estée Lauder Double Wear

NYX Total Control

Mario Badescu

Too Faced Primer


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2 thoughts on “Current Makeup Combos

  1. The double wear is definitely my favourite foundation! I love the coverage and I’ve had my bottle for more than a year and it’s only half empty… It’s expensive but lasts ages! And the shade matching service is so helpful

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