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Currently, I’ve been obsessed with all things embroidered, from tops and jeans to shoes and jackets. Adding a little embroidered flower or quote just adds a little pizzazz to something that once looked a little dull. I have finished three different projects thus far. Personally, I’m not the type of person to pay full price for any item of clothing so I tend to stick to sales and DIYs. Cute embroidered denim goes for about $60 and honestly, I have almost never spent that much on a pair of jeans so I decided to add a little decal myself.

First, I watched a few “embroidery for beginners” videos on youtube, then I went on to buying some embroidery thread on Amazon and since I come from a family of crafty people, my mom already had the embroidery hoop and needles (I will add the links to the items I purchased). It takes a while to get the hang of it and I did practice on some old pair of jeans I didn’t care about before attempting it on something I loved. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy to do. The only thing I have left to purchase is the patch that goes on the inside of the clothes so it won’t un-sew.

So far I have embroidered a pair of jeans, black pants, and a cropped t-shirt. I didn’t use the hoop on the jeans because they don’t stretch as much as the cotton t-shirt. The pants took me about 3 days with an accumulation of maybe 8-10 hours. The t-shirt took me an accumulated time of about 3 hours. I have noticed the smaller area you want to embroider the longer it takes me only because my hands cramp up faster. It is definitely something I will continue doing on my free time until I find a different obsession. My next projects are to embroider a denim jacket and some denim boots I have. This trend is definitely something you guys will be seeing around so I’ll post some inspiration I’ve seen around.

Ya’ll should definitely try to add a little rose or quote to something, add a little eye-catcher to a plain t-shirt and rock it with confidence!

XO, Addy

Below are some cute fashion inspirations, some of my projects and the links for the items I purchased/have.

Outfit and embroidery inspo (I do not own any of these images, they were found online):

A few of my projects:



The thread was a little to thick for my liking so I split them into individual strands.

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