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The Peep-Toe Mule: Spring Shoe Style

So recently I had been seeing different styles of these block heel peep-toe mule sandals and thought to myself “I must have a pair or two.” After a shopping trip to Ross I just happened to see these gray Kenneth Cole mules and decided they were a must have + they were only $15. The mules vary from the flat mule, the oxford mule, and my personal favorites are the block heel mule. Whether the block heel is an inch and a half to 4 inches they will look fab with some denim pants or a cute smock dress. My only concern is that they do not have a back strap seeing as if you are in a hurry they could easily slip out but if you’re having a calm day these are the perfect shoes to wear out in a stroll. I am currently obsessed with the mules that are being sold by Public Desire, they have some vibrant colors, some floral mules, and some that have a platform on the front as well, on the plus side they aren’t too expensive. My next purchase will hopefully be a pair of vibrant color ones with a slightly higher heel. Below I will put the link to some cute pair of mules both flat and heeled, as well as some outfit inspirations.

XO, Addy

Outfit inspirations and links to different mules for purchase below. 

Some Outfit Inspirations I Liked (Found on Pinterest, I Do Not Own Any of the Pictures Below) 

10 Links of Cute Mules (Both Genuine Leather and Faux Leather):

This post is not sponsoring any particular brand.

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