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Fake Bake: Self-Tanner

Hi Loves,

Seeing as it’s Spring with Summer right around the corner this post I will be discussing my favorite brand of self-tanner. If you are anything like me you do not sun tan, no matter how long you are outside it just doesn’t happen. A few years back I purchased the Fake Bake: Flawless Self Tan and was absolutely in love, it gives you a beautiful even tan without looking to orange like other self-tanners I have tried.

I mostly just apply it on my leg for every day looks, on special occasions (formal events, graduations, big parties) or when I will be wearing something a little more revealing I do try to tan my whole body; the only problem with that (at least for me) is that I need to have a foundation that now matches my tan neck. I personally do not like using the product on my face because it does have a slightly strong scent. Fake Bake does sell products that are intended for your face I just have yet to purchase one.

So I have been a huge fan of Fake Bake: Flawless for 6 years and it has yet to fail me. The product comes with a spray, two gloves, and a cloth mitten, it can stain your hands if you do not use the products it comes with. I use the products as intended meaning I put the glove on followed by the mitten and then spray the product on the mitten and apply to my legs in a circular motion, this guarantees the best finish. I typically apply after an exfoliating shower and the tan does fade a little after my next shower but then it stays pretty consistent for about a week & a half  and you can reapply after that if you’d like.

Recently I purchased the Original Lotion and the Flawless Darker. I purchased the lotion because I thought it would be a quicker way to apply without going through the process of the mitten but it really isn’t seeing as it can still stain your hands pretty bad. The Flawless Darker, I purchased for the days I am looking extra pale and need a little extra boost, that one is packaged the same as the original Flawless self-tanner. These products take a few hours to oxidize which is when they reach the desired tan I like. Fake Bake does sell other products that will reach the desired tan quicker but I have yet to purchase those as well.

Below you will first the products it comes with, then you will see before and after pictures from my use of the Flawless Darker, third, you can see the full body examples of the Flawless, and lastly will be links to the products I have as well as some I would like to try. Check them out and if you decided tot purchase let me know your thoughts.

XO, Addy

Product (Fake Bake Flawless):


Before & After using Flawless Darker:

Full Body Pictures: 

Links to Products I Own Or Plan to Purchase:

Fake Bake Flawless

Fake Bake Flawless Darker

Fake Bake Lotion

Fake Bake 5 Min Mousse

Fake Bake 60 Minutes

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