Makeup: The Balm 

Hi Loves,

A few years back I stumbled upon a liquid eyeliner and instantly fell in love with the packaging, it was just the most interesting thing I had ever seen. To be honest I had tried better eyeliners but I was open to trying different products from that brand. The brand is The Balm and I have slowly been adding to my collection.

I had heard good things about the highlights, I purchased them on sale through Amazon. The one I use is the Mary-Lou Manizer, I absolutely love it, it is very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped highlight in the shade summer but there is something about Mary-Lou that I just love. I also own the Betty-Lou Manizer but that is a more bronze illuminator, which is too dark for me. Each one is $24 but I got both for $24 instead of $48, I will post a picture of them and me wearing Mary-Lou below.

I had received a sample of the Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow in the shade Matt Moskowitz in one of my Ipsy bags. I loved the pigmentation and the fact that it was matte, since I’m over the glitter craze. Recently I purchased the whole Meet Matt(e) Trimony pallet, I got this one at an event for half off $21 but the original price $42. To be completely honest most of my pallets have similar colors, there’s something about neutrals, the pinks & the burgundies that I love. All the colors are matte, there are an infinite amount of possible looks that can be achieved with the nine shades. I love how creative the names are, they are very pigmented. I just recently purchased it so I don’t have a lot of different looks but I will post a very simple natural one below.

So a few years ago I received the Calvin Klein CK One mascara as a gift from Ulta, I was in love, went through like 5 tubes and then…. they discontinued it 💔.  Ever since then I have been on a mission to find a mascara with a similar brush and similar formula and I think I have found it. The Mad Lash mascara makes my itty bitty lashes look beautiful, the brush has small think bristles that allow for my lashes to not look super clumpy. It cost $18. Check it out below. I am no sponsored.

This is my opinion after using the products, you guys should check out their website and if you purchase anything I haven’t tried let me know what you think!

XO, Addy

Below are the images and a links. 

Betty-Lou and Mary-Lou Manizer highlights
No Flash
Mary-Lou Manizer above my cheekbone and under my eyebrows

Meet Matt(e) Trimony Pallet


Look using Matt Lin, Matt Lopez and Matt Evans

Mad Lash Mascara 

Links for products mentioned: 

Mary-Lou Manizer 

Betty-Lou Manizer

Meet Matt(e) Trimony

Mad Lash Mascara

Schwing Liquid Eyeliner 


4 thoughts on “Makeup: The Balm 

  1. You’re gorgeous! I have the Mary Lou highlight, the mad lash mascara, and the eyeshadow palette! I also have bronzers, blushes, powders, and lippies! The balm has got to be a cult favorite brand for me! Their packaging is super cute and unique and most of their products are of top quality! Okay their website does 50% off sale a good amount of the time! Love this stuff! Great post and love your blog babe 💄✨💋

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